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  • Point to Point Wireless Solutions

    You can reduce internet cost and have a robust network infrastructure

  • Point to Multipoint Wireless Solutions

    The most practical, economic and rapid solution wireless network technology among your locations

  • Outdoor WiFi Solution

    Outdoor wireless network solution is cost-effective, easy to install and resistant to weather conditions such as wind and rain

  • Mobility

    Reliable, wireless wideband network connection with high performance for digital land and sea oil fields, high-speed train lines and public transport.

  • Wireless Network Planning

    Planning of a network with minimum base station to meet service requirements allows to save both time and cost.

  • Network Management

    Monitor all systems, devices, applications, traffic, and more in your IT infrastructure in a single pane of glass.

  • Smart Cities

    Smart Cities are cities that use technology to increase their efficiency and protect the service and quality of life of their inhabitants.

Scope of Application

  • Super WiFi in Open Area

  • Wireless Access for Industry

  • Rail Systems

  • Municipalities

  • Oil and Gas Businesses

  • Mobese Infrastructure

  • Internet Access on the Street

  • Power Stations

  • Traffic Control

  • Ports

  • Special Solutions for Airports

  • Bus and Metrobus

  • Water Companies

  • Special Solution for river and strait crossings

  • Voice and Internet Operators