About Us

Leadership of Innovations

Net İletişim Teknoloji A.Ş. for more than 20 years, it has been producing new generation solutions in wireless access technologies and leading the development of the sector in the telecommunication sector. Net İletişim Teknoloji has a remarkable experience with its projects and system integrations in new generation wireless network solutions.

Net İletişim Teknoloji is known for the effective information solutions it produces for corporate structures. Based on the principle that Net İletişim projects are presented within the regulations and high quality standards built on a future-oriented infrastructure, it has paid maximum attention to the values it has believed in since its establishment and has not compromised on any of them. As Net İletişim, in every project we carry out in the informatics sector, which is one of the developing and rising sectors in the world; We work with a perfect cooperation and team spirit, in which every effort is integrated with the essence of the project in all processes. Because we believe that success will come with teamwork.

Net İletişim Teknoloji Today;

  • Point to point (PtP) wideband wireless access,
  • Point to multipoint (PtMP) wideband wireless access,
  • Outdoor, wide area super Wi-Fi coverage, mesh links,
  • 3G offload Wi-Fi solutions for cellular data transfer,
  • Wireless wide band solutions for mobile access,
  • IP backhaul solutions,
  • Mobile and fized WiMAX
  • and produce peer-to-peer solutions with the supply of robust and well-recognised brands, whom it is representative of, and qualified technical team.

Net Communication Technology provides wireless network solutions for a wide variety of customers ranging from SMEs to big enterprises, internet service providers, telecommunication operators, electricity distribution companies, dams, waste water and catchment centres, train, metro, metrobus and tunnel operators, port administrations, petroleum and gas administrations, municipalities, coastal safety, police, gendarmerie, public safety, airway enterprises, airport operators, border security, hospitals, organisation companies, shopping malls, schools and universities and public institutions.

Net İletişim Teknoloji develops products and projects as both a distributor and an integrator for wireless network solutions at home and abroad.

  • Efficient RF Planning

  • Fast, Quality Service and Equipment

  • Professional Installation

  • Innovative Wireless Solutions


Being a pioneer in wireless access technology and new generation solutions.


To meet the information needs of institutions by offering high value-added solutions with a product and project approach, without giving up on universal values ​​that will strengthen mutual trust

Quality Policy

In line with legal regulations and relevant national and international standards, the most innovative products, the best technology cooperation, preventing environmental pollution, environmentally friendly, proactively implementing occupational health and safety, providing the highest level of physical and electronic information security, and providing the best service and support, to improve and present, to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction by bringing dynamism to the sector with our experienced and expert staff.


As Net İletişim Teknoloji family, we undertake both hardware and consultancy services from ready-made solutions to joint project development in line with the needs of our customers and business partners.

By adopting teamwork as an organizational culture, it is one of our most important principles to make our customers feel that we aim for common success in the same team. Our primary principle is our understanding of “Customer Focused Service”. With the help of solid and close relationships with customers, we aim to increase the success of solutions and to establish a solution-oriented strategic cooperation with customers beyond the seller-customer relationship.

We want our employees, customers, contractors and suppliers to implement information security in accordance with the integrated management system policies and procedures implemented by our organization.

Corporate Values

  • Customer Focus
  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Sustainability
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Productivity

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